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Game Breaking Bugs on PS4

I am mystified how a game could be released in this state! I had always heard about Planescape: Torment but never had a chance to play it before the enhanced edition came out. I had enjoyed Baldur's Gate I & II, so I was not prepared for how bad this port was. I am reluctant to start Icewind Dale or Neverwinter Nights, which I also bought, for fear I will invest time in the game only to have another bug stop me in my tracks. At least the disappearing text bug was fixed in the last patch halfway through my playthrough...

I will describe the issues I am having with it in case others are experiencing the same. I think I a was near the end of the game so I will use spoiler tags to describe the two problems I had that ended the game for me.
After entering the portal that leads to the Fortress of Regrets, you are in a space where you can either head west to enter the Fortress or head East to find the ghost Deionarra. Talking to her brings up a dialog box with two options 1. "Deionarra..." and 2. Leave Deionarra alone. Choosing to talk to her breaks the game. The dialog box disappears. It looks like there is supposed to be dialog because her selection circle at her feet is pink but no dialog comes up. Pressing the "X" button seems to advance it anyway because TNO's selection circle also turns pink, but again no dialog box or audio. At this point the game is stuck. No buttons will do anything to advance the game or allow you to exit the "dialog" with Deionarra. TNO does eventually say "My journal has been updated" but you still can't get out of the dialog or advance the game, the only option is to quit and reload. Choosing the 2nd option "Leave Deionarra alone" has her disappear and you can continue on with the game. I eventually bailed on talking to her at all and went into the Fortress of Regrets, with regrets of course, ha ha.

And here is problem 2, even worse:
In the Fortress of Regrets you click on a device that teleports you to another location. Each time a cut scene plays. First Ignus is turned against you, 2nd Falls-From-Grace is killed. 3rd, Annah is killed. This is here is breaks. After that cut scene the game takes me back to my new location (actually, I had to press R3 to center the camera each time I teleported because the camera would show me some random location where TNO wasn't after each cut scene). The game "auto-pauses on enemy sighted" and won't let me unpause it. It's frozen. I tried to uncheck the auto-pause in the settings and retried the Fortress area but the game gets stuck in the exact same spot every time after the Annah cut scene no matter what settings I have selected. I'm giving up on it at this point.

What a shame such a classic game (with really great writing!) was treated so poorly. I feel like a fool for having paid for it...
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