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Summoned creatures acting crazy - any fix?

All elemental creatures I summon will not move or attack when under my control. They obey for less than one second then cancel what they're doing and just stop moving and attacking (they stay 'green' under my control and this still happens).
Djinnis and Efreetis I summon also act crazy, they interrupt the current command (stop walking/attacking) I give them to cast fireballs which inevitably damage or kill my own units.

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  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,031
    While you can issue commands to them, summoned creatures also have their own AI scripts to act autonomously, much like party members do. Only, you don't have any control over what those scripts are for summoned creatures.

    Djinni and efreeti summons in vanilla BG2EE 2.6 ...

    There are two versions of summoned djinni, one from a ring you can only get if you side with Bodhi and one from an arcane spell. The former uses the SUMDJ01 script, while the latter uses the DJINNI01 script. There are also two versions of summoned efreeti, all of which use the EFREET01 script. All four of these creatures also have a second script, BDSUM00.

    BDSUM00 is pretty innocuous; summoned creatures in general get it, and it mainly just tells the creature to attack if it's not doing anything. That script won't override your commands with new actions.

    SUMDJ01 does very little with spells; it has the djinn go invisible after a delay, and it destroys the ring if the djinn gets killed.

    DJINNI01 is also used by enemy djinni, and it's perfectly willing to interrupt your commands. But once it has cast its one Shadow Door, contingent Globe of Invulnerability, and contingent PFMW, it's basically done. Nothing left but turning to gaseous form and attacking if it's invisible.

    EFREET01 is also used by enemy efreeti, and is worse than DJINNI01 because of the efreet's spell selection. Casting a fireball at the nearest enemy, without regard for any allies in the vicinity, is part of that.

    So really, that's the issue. Summoned djinni (with the mage spell) and summoned efreeti (with both the mage spell and the bottle) use scripts designed for enemies, which aren't really suited to creatures that can take player input.
  • No, any elemental (fire, air, etc) will not move or attack.
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