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Shoal the Nereid not showing up

I went to the Shipwreck's Coast, and I'm unable to find her on any part of the map. I watched a few youtube videos to where she should be located. Anyone know why that would be the case? I have the steam EE with BG1/BG2 installed. Current mods are modmerge and bg1npc.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,801
    Shoal is pre-placed on the map, pretty much straight west of the standard entry point in the northeast. She's active around the clock and doesn't move until she spots a player character, so there's no reason she wouldn't be there unless you've already dealt with her.

    Are you sure you're in the right area (i.e., not Seawatcher)? The map should also feature a group of ogrekin, The Surgeon, Mad Arcand, and a shipwreck. But no lighthouse, cave, or Safana.

    The NPC project does modify the area, by adding some material for Kivan. But that's strictly added material; it doesn't deactivate or remove anything that's already there. And it doesn't change anything if he's not in the party. Modmerge shouldn't modify any content; it's strictly there to allow other mods to work when you have BGEE with SoD.
  • gwherehegogwherehego Member Posts: 4
    It was definitely the right area. I ended up going back to a previous save and was able to see her. I'm guessing that I went in that area briefly and searched lower in the area. I definitely didn't interact with her. Either way, I was pretty early in the game, so I just started over from where I didn't enter that area. It was very strange, but I got around the issue. Thank you for the reply.
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