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Your favorite small party

trebuszętrebuszę Member Posts: 46
Small teams have their advantages. Smaller in numbers but higher in levels. In my experience 4-5 team member party can kick butts better than your standard 6-er.

So whats yer favorite small party, if have any. NPC Mods allowed and welcome of course.

Mine would be:

Classic BG2 no mods

*H-Orc Fighter/Thief (celestial+flail of ages), Korgan (crom), Viconia, Edwin - an ultimate evilery.

With mods

*Female Elven Paladin (carsomyr) + Kivan (Mellonamin!), + Anomen (Watcher of Helm with deities of faerun mod, flail of ages), Xan (ee keepered to thief/mage)

*CE Cleric/Thief of Urdlen (DoF mod, runs with bows), Korgan (axe of unyielding), Dorn (ravager), Ninde

*NE Pale Master(Artisan Kit Pack) (magi staff), Korgan (axe+crom), Dorn, Viconia revamped (Nightcloak of Shar)

Most recently, my little harem:

*TN Elven Berserker (angurvadal + ss of mask), Sirene (carsomyr), Aerie, Fade (bows, staff of ram)

(image by acifer)


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,975
    the only time i've ever done a party that was smaller than 6 was the 2 maner i did a while back;

    dwarf fighter/cleric
    elf mage/thief

    with those 2 chars i can add anyone as a third and it would only benefit the team

    i also remember doing some specialized speed runs in bg1 years back to make a super team ( exporting 4 different characters into one team ) and on each of those runs i would have;

    char to be exported
    half orc fighter/thief
    elf fighter/mage

    ironically on that run, i learned that half orc fighter thieves that favor melee with some platemail are still pretty awesome, and become even better in SoA when they can use the holy avenger better than a paladin can haha good stuff
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