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New player questions

Well i recently found out about the game and its just phenomenal but ofc not entirely new to rpgs. I basically wacthed some guides and read some forums about a class i rly like but cant so far find a reason to play bcs the main thing fun about it is useless in apparently most important parts of the game. Im talking about shapeshifter i mean werewolves are cool as shit. My other choice for a first playthrough the games is probably bard or one of its kits, since bards are a pretty unique class (dont think many games had one at all). So the question is should i just play SS or not.


  • TrouveurTrouveur Member Posts: 281
    Shapeshifter is never useless.

    Only a few enemies are immune to his claws, and even then he's still a powerful tank.
    Also, even in human form, he's a complete spellcaster with very good spells.
    and finally, you will have other party members along, able to help you.
    So I would say play a shapeshifter if you want it. 🙂
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,024
    Go ahead and play whatever feels cool to you. You can win the game with all sorts of wacky party compositions. I once played a full party of werewolves ... admittedly, that was a modded version of the game with a loophole that let characters who weren't actually Shapeshifters transform.

    Shapeshifters are fine. And they were designed for BG2; gaining access to werewolf form at level 1 makes you a very powerful attacker early on. Later on, your attack power falls behind some, but werewolf form remains a great tank all the way through. Especially in the latest game version (2.6), as greater werewolf form now has regeneration.

    And when you're not a werewolf, you're supporting the party with powerful spells from the back line. You just need to know when to switch, as you can't fill both roles at once.
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