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Immunity: Death Magic does not negate the spell, Implosion.

Ugly_DuckUgly_Duck Member Posts: 182
I don't know if this is working the way it should. But, I figure if you're immune to Death Magic and Implosion will kill you instantly if your save fails, you should be immune to the effects of Implosion.
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  • Old_GithOld_Gith Member Posts: 152
    This was fixed way back in the 1.68/1.69 days. Implosion, while it does cause instant death on a failed save, is not considered Death Magic. Prior to 1.68 (or 1.67) Death Magic did protect against it, but it was adjusted by Bioware to just a pure Evocation spell. No Death Magic protection.

    So it is working appropriately.
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