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I think that vampires should be considered shapeshifters in bg2

DhariusDharius Member Posts: 615
I'm guessing that vampires (and druids, and possibly efreeti and djinni) are NOT considered shapeshifters in BG2 in the same way that doppelgangers, wolfweres and werewolves are. This is even though in D&D lore they can assume the form of bats, gases or even wolves in some cases.

The reason I'm asking? Well if they were it would make the bastard sword Kondar a lot more useful in the early stages of the game against the vampires that crop up. If this was extended to druids and djinni then it would also be effective in the Grove/Cernd/Trademeet quests.

Also are Rakshasa considered shapeshifters I wonder?
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  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,679
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    Kondar has its bonuses based on race: DOPPLEGANGER and LYCANTHROPE. But ... sure, I can do that. Have a new component in my mod, adding VAMPIRE and RAKSHASA.
    This will also apply to SoD, as there are a few vampires and one rakshasa you can fight in that campaign.

    (Just coded and added to my tweak mod. Currently fixing bugs in preparation for version 3.0.)

    Edit: Maybe djinni and efreeti too (race GENIE); they do generally have that innate gaseous form in the games. Not currently in, but I could be persuaded.
  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 615
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    Of course you must do what you must do @jmerry , but it sounds like a plan to me ;)

    I'd also advise that Hexxat be unable to use this weapon (if she obtains UAI)

    PS.I've checked 2e rules on the web and in this ruleset the Rakshasa 'alter self' ability is a form of polymorph/shapeshift rather than illusion (it's illusory on 5e rules) so I guess you could consider them shapeshifters in 2e rules.

    PPS also Foebane has similar bonuses related to shapeshifters I think, which are currently implemented the same way.
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