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Will Keldorn and Edwin fight?

New player here hello, i just got to soa and was a bit confused with the stuff on the Internet, some sources say they will some say they wont. Just wanna know so i can adjust my party 😀


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    Short answer: yes. Long answer below.

    Keldorn's conflicts:

    Versus Anomen: If Anomen fails his test, Keldorn will try to talk sense into him, and fail. On the second such banter ("Anomen, please remain calm"), Anomen's anger will boil over and they'll fight. No way to talk them out of it once the conditions are in place.

    Versus Dorn: If Dorn and Keldorn are both in the party during Dorn's first quest, the conflict will immediately trigger and force you to choose. One stays with you, one goes hostile.

    Versus Edwin: In one banter, Edwin insults Keldorn but it doesn't come to anything. In a later banter, Edwin picks a fight outright. No way to talk them out of it, though Edwin's plot (turning into a woman) forestalls it; the banters only have a chance of triggering while he's male during the SoA campaign.

    Versus Hexxat: They'll argue, with several possible endings based on your input. You can send Hexxat away, send Keldorn away, or let the two of them fight it out.
    The same conflict also appears in non-banter dialogue (starting from KELDORJ rather than BKELDOR), with the same three possible resolutions; this is one of the few character conflicts that can happen twice because of this.
    Both times, if you sent one of them away rather than letting them fight, you can re-recruit the one that left.

    Versus Viconia: They'll fight. It's the second of two banters, but again there's nothing you can do to talk them out of it.

    Keldorn's actually surprisingly reasonable in his interactions with other party members. Only supernatural evil will actually get him to pick a fight. Dorn's a demon-empowered blackguard, Hexxat's a vampire, and Viconia's a priestess of an evil god. The other two conflicts are mainly instigated by the other party - fallen Anomen and his anger, Edwin and his paranoia.
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  • VSmeVSme Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the quick answer, well i guess Nalia it is.
    I mean i still kinda like her more than Edwin its just that shes a thief mage and i already got Jan Jansen in my party. Btw im having lots of fun with this game lol.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,829
    Nalia's basically a full mage; 5000 XP for four thief levels isn't going to make any significant difference in her mage progression. Her only real drawback as a mage is that she doesn't get specialist bonus spells; Jan gets +1 spell at each level for being an illusionist, Neera (EE only, DLC in the mobile versions) gets +1 spell at each level for being a wild mage, and Edwin gets +3 spells at each level for being a conjurer and wearing his personal amulet.
    Nalia's advantages? Being a thief lets her use better weapons like bows and swords. She gets enough skill in lockpicking and trapfinding that she can fill that party role in a pinch; I've done a run with Nalia as the sole party thief. And her personal ring is absolutely fantastic.
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    Neera is also a good option.
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