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New game+

I want to do LoB diff but with imported character who already finish the game. What class/dual/multi would be best to do it? I want this second run to be as easy as possible. My first idea was Kensage, normally I would dual him on 9 or 13 but if I want double run when should I dual him to take the most advantage of two classes? Give me your ideas on kensage or maybe other more powerful in your opinion.


  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 632
    You want NewGame+ on LoB, but you want it to be as easy as possible when importing Charname for the second run?

    Shit man, just remove the XP cap and go with FMC then.
  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,460
    I think late dual-classing is not much fun, you will spend most of your time gimped while waiting for the second class to activate.

    F/M/T or F/C/M can be absurdly powerful if you have no xp cap mod installed and solo the game. You will gain hla s from all classes, there is also a mod that allows hla spells for triple classes also. (under normal xp cap, triple classes do not gain 9th level mage spells)

    That said, for duals, I would like to try a kensai dualled into thief some time. Dualled at lvl 13, this char will have good attack rate, good attack/damage bonuses, grand mastery in a weapon...and kai + backstab is downright deadly. For fun go grandmaster in staves and come tob you will score obscene amounts of damage with kai+backstabs, with the staff of the ram. Go with two handed style for sweet +%5 critical rate, so when you crit with maximum backstab damage...terrific damage. Quarterstaff is very good for soloing, with two handed style and kensai speed bonuses, it will attack instantly, with reach before the enemy can hit you, then you can run around and kite without fearing from reteliation melee.
    And when you get use any item with the thief class you will be able to don armor, essentialy making kensai's class restriction obsolete.

    Asassin dualled into mage can also be fun. Poisoned melf's minute meteor attacks will be very useful, I think.
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