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Paladin Party advice

HampeHampe Member Posts: 4
Hi y'all!

After replaying BG for the millionth time I decided to actually do a run through Icewind Dale.

I had a nice idea for a party but would like some advice. So my party is young Keldorn Firecam on his first quest out to make his bones. A mission from Order of the Radiant Heart to go to Easthaven and investigate the evil there.

The party I am thinking of is:

Paladin - Keldorns mentor/superior. Undead hunter who is going to roll with sword and shield. Might add mace as well.
Paladin - Keldorn himself. Twohanded swords.
Cleric of Tyr - Sent with the order. Warhammers and flail all day for this lady.
Archer - The wilderness guide to these city boys.
Mage/Thief - Just to get those things out of the way. Don't like to play with either of the classes but sure do need their skills.

The real question is, who will be the sixth person in the party? Would love some advice on whats fun to play with. RP-wise I am thinking this is a local from IWD who knows a bit about the area. What would be a fun class to do? I like bards but maybe a Shaman is more correct in terms of RP? Any class and character is up for grabs though wo would love to hear your suggestions.

And of course if you have any other tips on equipment, fun RP-things for this party or just any comments on the party at all is appreciated.

Wish you all a great day!
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  • HampeHampe Member Posts: 4
    And like an idiot I posted this in the French forum. Could an admin help me and delete this post?

    Je suis désolé mes amis!
  • TrouveurTrouveur Member Posts: 566
    Maybe a druid would could be Arundel's pupil?
  • JohnZJohnZ Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I have 1 question about dorn, where do I get him in SoA?
    I do not know how to open a new thread, sorry.
  • YigorYigor Member Posts: 536
    Jester, Shaman or Wild Mage. 😸
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