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Help with a game breaking bug in multiplayer on rep increase

Whenever our party gains a reputation point in any area, after the dialogue ends we get a constant popup dialogue box with no text that you can close but it pops up again and again. Is there a fix for this that you know of? It's really egregious in Throne of Bhaal.

Zero mods, all playing BG2EE on Steam


  • nerfy007nerfy007 Member Posts: 2
    More details:

    Rep going from 18 to 19.

    It's happened in Amkathren when you save the mayor's daughter, Amkethren when you save Marlowe, Saradush in the dungeons if you rescue the prisoners, and in SoA rescuing the kids in the slaver base in the Slums.

    Party is:


  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 587
    Is there any reason to believe that your rep level has anything to do with it?

    For experimentation you could try to lower your rep a few points by theft or murder to see what happens when you deliver the quest after that. Rep doesn't really matter so if it works just go with it, i guess.

    Other then that i'm fresh out of idea.. because the infinity engine is dark and full of (t)errors.
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