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Starting Chapter 4

Hi everyone

Other newbies sort of questions...

1 - if I start Chapter 4 or proceedings even further 5, 6 etc., what happens to all the unfinished quest? I mean companions quests, but also the others, windspear ecc.ecc. Is it possible to go back to Atkathla for example to recruit companions?

2 - What's yours suggestion, to finish all the minor quests and then leave for chapter 4 or it doesn't matter because it is always possible to stop and go back to Atkathla?

Thank you ☺️


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,852
    All unfinished quests are effectively on hold, and can resume once you return to Amn with chapter 6. Most timed events associated with those quests will not trigger during chapters 4 and 5, though the timer still run; it's quite common to see a bunch of messengers show up for your companions right after you leave the first area of chapter 6.
    There are a few quests, mostly associated with strongholds, that are timed so that they fail if you don't do them in time. The text on those should convey the urgency; make sure to complete any of those that are active before you leave.

    Leaving the main storyline path to do something else during chapters 4 and 5 is simply not an option. While you have some choices about how you do it, securing a way forward and back to Amn is always a primary quest objective that you can't avoid doing. Any quests you left unfinished will have to wait until you return in chapter 6.

    After that, chapter 7 is short; it starts when you enter Suldanesselar, and you're unlikely to leave until you finish the campaign. Chapter 8 and 9 are the bulk of ToB, with the break between them when you reach Amkethran. Once you're on the ToB world map, you can't go back to anything in SoA except for Watcher's Keep; that area is shared between the two campaigns. Chapter 10 is again very short, starting at the point of no return when you enter the Throne of Bhaal to face the final boss.
  • MabomonkMabomonk Member Posts: 6

    Many thanks B)
  • MabomonkMabomonk Member Posts: 6
    And defeated I've probably to go back and report to Aran, but I'd Like to do some other unfinished quests...
    The One with Valygar and Keldorn I'd Like to see and check them and oh...there Is also Hexxat before to leave...

    Thanks :)
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,852
    You are allowed to put Aran off for a while (as long as you want). Go ahead and return to him for the quest reward XP, then tell him you have a few things to do before you get on the boat.
  • BardsSuck_BardsSuck_ Member Posts: 133
    I cant stand Aran....ive backstabbed him into little pieces, hilarious. You should try it, bodhi is way more polite.
  • MabomonkMabomonk Member Posts: 6
    Too late :D , perhaps next round with the game and with another party ;) ...
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