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No Solution to startup crash? Request refund.

I have been searching in both forums for a possible solution to the crash at startup. So far, I have found nothing, other than trying to install it to C drive and tryong compatibility mode. All of which I attempted, and found to be unsuccesful. What I am finding most aggravating is the lack of communication with the designers and the public on either of the forums. I am hardly the only person experiencing the problem. I don't expect an immediate fix, but I do expect a message that the problem is recognized and being looked into. I haven't found that anywhere. I requested a refund this morning and expect to be refunded. It is, honestly, overpriced and does not start. I paiud extra for the convenience of having all the fixes and widescreen in one place. Tutu can be a pain, but at least the GOG version works. For HALF the price, mind you! This is pretty unacceptable. We shouldn't have to pay more to provide complicated work arounds to something that is overpriced to begin with.

If any one finds a solution, please let me know. In the meantime, I am hoping I hear back from customer service.


  • doncrawdoncraw Member Posts: 9
    I suggest emailing Tell them your exact issue as well as the build of your computer. I'm having the same issue and emailed them yesterday. They replied within 8 hours with steps to resolve the issue which I have not tried yet but will when I get out of work tonight.
  • BytebrainBytebrain Member Posts: 602
    edited November 2012
    The Devs have been very busy with the release of the game, with all the trouble they had, I'm sure they also needed some sleep.
    There's only 10 people working on this game, and they run support themselves.
    Be patient, and in the mean time, read the pinned announcements on this forum, they are from the Devs, addressing the issues, and giving advice, as well as that's where the customers help each other out.

    I will suggest you go here first:

    With the issue you're mentioning, there's a good chance it's fixable, as I've read several people have had that problem and have solved it.

    If, by chance, you don't get it solved, write an email to

    Good luck
  • ataleroatalero Member Posts: 5
    Thanks, Byte. I wrote an email to support requesting a refund. I just don't have patience for all the work arounds. If I wanted to install extra things (not graphic card updates, which is a give in), I would just install Tutu with the version I own on GOG (DRM free, BTW). They are asking for money today. If today they wanted to release a demo, or a beta, I am totally cool with that. Test it out, see how it plays. Then release the full version at a later date, be my guest. But releasing it now, with an error that doens't allow one to actually start the game, is grounds for a refund. Plain and simple.

    I give them props, and their intentions are good. Totally scratches that nostalgia itch, while giving me enough insentive to pay the extra $10. But they are false insentives, when the game doesn't play and the GOG does. That's my argument. It's a little misleading when they are asking someone to pay more for a finished product today, when a cheaper version exists that actually works.

    No hard feelings, as long as I get my refund.
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