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Lunia hidden OST. Help to find its name, pls!

Good day! During Dorn`s quest: Dorn's bloody path while we are at Lunia, at the right side of the map, between the Scroll of retribution and Bollard Firejaw there are 3 Petitioners staring to chant and the game soundtrack immediately changes to this magnificent and epic song. I can not find this song/ost name anywhere. Help pls!


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,141
    Music for Lunia, using the internal resource names:

    Area music: Dream1. This is the song used for cutscenes in which you interact with the Solar in the pocket plane.

    Combat music: BSD. One of the standard pool of combat songs.

    Alternate combat music: Dorn1/DRH. Once you erase the names from the scroll the scroll, the area script changes the area's combat music to this song. This unique combat music is only used here, for the second half of the area. (Two names, because its name in SONGLIST.IDS doesn't match its file name)

    The petitioners don't use the "song" system, but instead the "sound effect" system; they have PlaySound() commands in their scripts. The sound of their chanting is OHDSPE01.WAV.
    Because it's not a "song", the area music can actually still run during this chant. That music is generally pretty quiet, though, and spends a lot of its time fully silent.
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