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Stuck on final boss

I've been playing a lot of BG:EE on play station and I got to Sarevok, I have a cleric as the main, a theif, a fighter/druid, a fighter, a priest, and a paladin. most of my team are lvl 7 but I have 2 lvl 6 people. most of the stuff online say I have to summon stuff to win but I don't have spells or anything for that. Any idea how to win? I don't really want to grind all the way to lvl 10/max since I need 50k+ exp just to get 1 lvl


  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,322
    There are many ways to do it.

    I would definetly try to separate the enemies. Try luring them out 1 or 2 at a time. Before you Can do that, you should try to figure put where the many traps are - trial and error is the way to go.

    A few hints besides that: Sarevok is hasted and will rush you. Some players advance with a hasted character. Have the enemies rush you, and then retreat into a corner, where you drink a potion of invisibility.

    You can have charname and the rest of the party stand in the other corner. Then try from there to lure the enemies out one at a time from there.

    When you are prepairing to fight Sarevok, see if you have an arrow of dispelling. This one should be aimed at Sarevok to dispel his haste.

    When you prepair for the fight, try using all usefull potions and scrolls for buffing your party. When you send your character to meet Sarevok, make sure that the character has the lowest AC and has a loft of HP. When now on HP use the character as a lure, running away from Sarevok while still having his attention. When Sarevok is dispelled, you can outrun him, while the rest pummel him with missile weapons.

    One way to do it, is like this:

    But there are a 1000 ways to do it. The fight is quite tricky. I used to hate, but after many fails I have finally got the better off it
  • KitSunZoroKitSunZoro Member Posts: 10
    I have khalid which has a AC of -5 and a thac0 of 9 which I think would be the best dps of the game so far. I found using magic hard since mages only have 1 spell use and I thought that a mage that could only use fireball 1 time was rather pointless. I would have to grab has many potions and scrolls that I can. btw not sure if this is known or not but I found out somewhat early in the game that you can use chest and bookshelves to have infinite storage.
  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,322
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    I love potion buffing.

    For Khalid you could give him
    - Fortitude (extra HP),
    - Regeneration,
    - Dex (Can go up to 25 - for better AC). All should have these for better missile Thaco
    - Str (you can go to 24 - actually higher but its tricky), But get is as high as possible,
    - potion of power & heroism (extra HP)
    - Speed for a extra attack (all should have these)

    With scrolls
    - full elements immunitet,
    - Poison immunity.

    You May not have all the above, but use all you got.

    For spells I would choose:
    Cleric/Druid: bless, chant, Protection from evil
    Mage: improved invisibility on Khalid. Cast slow on Sarevok.
    You Can use wands of heavens and fire on Sarevok. If Khalid is 100% immune to fire, he wont mind a bit of friendly fire…
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,803
    If you'd gone exploring more earlier, and cleared out areas that weren't part of the main plot, you probably would be at or near the experience cap. But it's a bit late for that. Time to work out how to win with the party you have. It's certainly posible with the right tactics; I've won the final battle with a solo mage/thief at a mere level 3/4, and it wasn't even a challenge with the cheesy tricks I used.

    No arcane spellcasting in your party? I'm guessing that "a priest" here is one of those cleric kits "Priest of _"? Recruited companions (Imoen, Khalid, Jaheira, Branwen, Ajantis?) or a full party of characters you created yourself?

    As it's the final battle, it's OK to use all sorts of consumable limited resources. And the game provides plenty of powerful stuff. Potions to give your warriors 23 or 24 strength. Potions to boost your resistances to elements and magic. Potions for better AC and saving throws. Oils of speed to attack and move faster. Arrows of dispelling to remove buffs (like the haste Sarevok has) from your enemies. Arrows of detonation to bombard the enemy with fireballs at a high rate (careful, though - it's easy to catch your allies in the blast radius too). Scrolls of level 4 and 5 mage spells. Wands such as a wand of summoning to conjure up creatures as meatshields or a wand of paralyzation to stun enemies and take them out of the fight. (Of course, you need a mage or bard to use those scrolls and wands)
    Where do you get all this stuff? Some of it you pick up throughout the game, especially if you explore. But most of it, you buy in shops. Specifically, Sorcerous Sundries. Halbazzar Drin has what you need.

    Most of the time when I've played this fight, I've done it by buffing to the skies. No reason to hold anything back - use all those potions my pack rat self picked up over the course of the game. I then proceed to absolutely steamroll the fight, because all that buffing makes a huge difference.

    Swapping out a character (the second cleric) for a mage or bard might be a good option, opening up scrolls and wands for you. If they haven't been in the party at all before, they'll immediately go up to 32K experience and won't be too many levels behind the rest of the party. Who's out there to recruit? Dynaheir, who needs a rescue (invoker, first encountered in the gnoll fortress to the far southwest). Garrick, if you take the little job he's offering and follow your conscience (bard, first encountered in Beregost). Neera, if you have her DLC (wild mage, first encountered in Beregost). Quayle, who will just come along if you ask (cleric/illusionist, first encountered just outside the city's gates). Xan, who needs a rescue (enchanter, first encountered at the bottom of the Nashkel mines). (There are some evil options too, but I'd rather not suggest them for a party that has a paladin)
    Most of those are a long way out of the way, but Quayle's right there by the Wyrm's Crossing bridge. Zero travel time.

    As for what you're facing in the battle...

    Angelo (fighter/mage). He'll mostly shoot at you (with exploding arrows!), but he does use a couple spells. A Remove Magic the first time he sees you, which is extremely likely to dispel any buffs on the target and anyone else in range if he gets it off. A Shadow Door after that, to go invisible and keep harassing you. He also comes pre-buffed: haste, invisibility, Protection from Normal Missiles, Minor Globe of Invulnerability. The invisibility isn't a big concern (he'll reveal himself when he starts casting) and the missile protection shouldn't matter at all, but the haste is definitely worth a dispelling arrow. The Minor Globe (immunity to spells of level 3 and below) is something you can't deal with unless you have an arcane spellcaster of your own; if you do, a Secret Word will take that defense down. Hit him hard and fast, and get in close if you can so he switches to his far less dangerous melee mode.

    Semaj (mage). He'll teleport over and start unleashing powerful spells. Greater Malison. Domination. Cloudkill. Chaos. If you don't have anti-magic defenses up, those will absolutely wreck you. And once those initial high-level spells are done, he'll switch to damage spells like Fireball and Lightning Bolt. But that teleport is also his weakness; if you immediately fall back toward the entrance after starting the battle, he'll come over without any support and let your whole party focus on him.

    Tazok (fighter). A simple melee bruiser; the only tricky thing is that he starts invisible just like the others. No special tactics required here. But a Detect Invisibility or Invisibility Purge to start the fight might be a good idea.

    Sarevok. Combat-wise, he's basically just a fighter. But he's tough, and he hits hard, and he starts hasted. I'll usually fight a delaying action on him - throw some minions in front of him, try to land a dispelling arrow - while taking out his allies, then come back to focus on him once he's alone.
  • KitSunZoroKitSunZoro Member Posts: 10
    my cleric has horror would that be useful? I used horror to bypass the basilisk. not sure if horror would be considered magic or ability but if u didn't have magic or abilities would that have just been a game over or can u actually beat or pass by them without any of that. going back on topic who should have which potion? my paladin has protection from evil and my priest has chaos of battle, holy power, and spiritual hammer. Can u buy dispell arrows? Jaheira has shapeshift which I don't recall ever having seen her use that. Set snare would be trial and error ofc. my cleric has draw upon holy might, horror, and larloch's minor drain. I don't think I'll have to worry about poison. I'll dig up all my potions and scrolls but I thought scrolls were mostly for mages which is why I just stored them away. I figured hording the potions was a good idea. Should I dig up the wands too or should I buy special arrows?
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,803
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    The "Horror" ability that the protagonist gets if they have a bad reputation is on the weak side, really. It only lasts three rounds, while other variants like a wand of fear (which your protagonist could also use) last ten rounds.
    That effect is quite useful, taking an enemy out of the fight. But only if they fail their save. Angelo is protected by that minor globe. Semaj and Sarevok and Tazok have ridiculously good base saves. Don't bother with that spell; it won't help, because the enemies will be either outright immune or just make their saves.

    Most scrolls and wands are usable only by mages. There are a couple of wand types that clerics and druids can use, and a few priest scrolls out there, but that stuff you've got in storage won't help unless you shuffle the party to bring in a mage. Except for the green protection scrolls; those can be used by anybody with Int 9 or more.

    If you're using offensive damage spells in this fight, they'll help. Just note that Sarevok is highly resistant to all elemental damage, and Angelo and Tazok are highly resistant to fire.
    If you're using save-or-lose spell attacks in this fight, you need to deal with those saving throws. Hit them with a Greater Malison, or use spells with saving throw penalties like the wand of paralyzation, or preferably both. If it's not inflicting a save penalty, there's just no point.
    KitSunZoro wrote: »
    I don't think I'll have to worry about poison.
    There's one potential poison effect: Semaj can cast Cloudkill. A Protection from Poison scroll will fully protect its target from that spell, blocking both the damage and the instant death effect. Highly recommended, especially for any party members of level 6 or less that might otherwise just die.
  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,322
    Horror would not work well.

    Try using chant for your cleric, and bless for your druid. Both are Area of Effect (AoE) spells and benefits all.

    Protection of evil +10 (AoE) or the reguler just on your tank is also a good start.

    Defensive harmony is a good AoE spell, but with short duration - so cast that late.

    Arrows of dispelling should be in the Sorcerous Sundries and they should be prioritised. Dispelling Sarevok means that you can outrun him if/when you get in trouble.

    If you have no mage, you can still use the green scrolls. You just need 9 or more in intelligence.

    Potion buffing your stats works well in advance with long duration. Getting to know your potions will help you greatly. They can really turn the tide in a battle. There is simply no excuse for being underprepaired.
  • KitSunZoroKitSunZoro Member Posts: 10
    Thx for your help everyone. Hopefully I'll beat him really good this time around.
  • KitSunZoroKitSunZoro Member Posts: 10
    How does time work? It seems like some of the potions expire by the time I drink another potion. I pause the game in between each potion so an hour in game time shouldn't pass in that amount of time. It's hard separating Sarevok since I can't leave during the fight.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,803
    Potion and spell duration is in-game time. "One hour" is fifty rounds, and you can drink one potion or cast one spell per round. You'll want to save some shorter-duration buffs like Bless and Chant for the end of the process, but anything at an hour or more can just pile up in the early parts.

    What makes you think some stuff is wearing off?
  • KitSunZoroKitSunZoro Member Posts: 10
    jmerry wrote: »
    What makes you think some stuff is wearing off?

    Mostly the sound effect and the icon not showing
  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,322
    What potions are you drinking?
  • KitSunZoroKitSunZoro Member Posts: 10
    potion of speed, heroism, strength, invulnerability. btw what are the chances of getting a good outcome from the cheap/low quality potions?
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,803
    The sound effect when you drink it is a transient thing, not tied to the effect's duration. The portrait icon for the potion effects, though, should stick around.

    No potion effects (in the standard game) are random. If you try one of the dodgy potions - the multicolored "oil of speed", the gray "potion of invulnerability", the purple "potion of healing" - you'll have a bad time. Any of those you're carrying around ... just sell them. That way, you'll at least get a bit of gold out of the deal.
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