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Kivan and Tazok - Two great tastes that go great together

Tape_WormTape_Worm Member Posts: 5
So, I just finished chapter 3 in BG:EE and I still have the Kivan and Tazok journal entry, which says:

"Day 62, Hour 12 (4 Flamerule, 1368)
Kivan hunts after an ogre named Tazok. He has
told us that Tazok killed someone close to him."
I had Kivan with me when I infiltrated the camp, he picked a fight with Tazok, and then Tazok ran away. Now, as far as I know, this is supposed to update to signify that Tazok ran before Kivan could enact revenge.
This seems like a bug to me. Can anyone confirm? And if it is, can I update it via the console?

I probably should mention that I have the BG NPC project, EET and Unfinished Business mods installed.
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  • TrouveurTrouveur Member Posts: 467
    From my experience, on all my run with BG1 NPC Project, this quest entry never updated itself.
  • Tape_WormTape_Worm Member Posts: 5
    Well I guess that's something to do with the mod then. Is there any way to force it to update?
  • Tape_WormTape_Worm Member Posts: 5
    So I opened up my save in Near Infinity and located the journal entry. I modified it to point at the string reference (ref # 284460) that should close the quest. And it did definitely change the journal text to:
    Unsurprisingly, my companion Kivan was recognized by Tazok, but he did not get his chance to skewer the half-ogre. The bandit was apparently too busy to deal with the revenge-crazy elf. Tazok is travelling to a mine site. This mine site could be the home base of whoever controls the bandits.

    Which is great, but the quest still remains active in the journal (I think it should be closed since this is a Done Quests section). I guess this is the best I can do with it for now.
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