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Some Stable Diffusion Potraits

DraikenWeAreDraikenWeAre Member Posts: 124
An Associate of mine , decided to use Stable Diffusion to generate some updated Potraits to some Companions you acquire in BG2EE

Anyway I decided to make BMP files incase anyone wanted to use them ingame. (Also the original AI potraits are also inside unedited if anyone wants them)

The guy that normally posts stable diffusion generated images on <a href="">reddit</a&gt; , if you want to see more of his stuff.

Just Updated.
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  • TarlugnTarlugn Member Posts: 209
    Brilliant, except the first Edwin looks exactly my headcanon version of Bhaalspawn saga continuum, which would have told the stories of npc´s progeny, maybe focusing on the problems of new generation.
  • DraikenWeAreDraikenWeAre Member Posts: 124
    Wait @Tarlugn , so you mean your charname has looked like old edwin all this time?

    This Bhaalspawn continuim is it like a fan idea?
  • lroumenlroumen Member Posts: 2,508
    I really like the ladies here and quite some of the men. Some of the men's lips are a bit thick, but wow, what promise that method has.
  • TarlugnTarlugn Member Posts: 209
    @DraikenWeAre Hmm, maybe, but only after about 50 years past ToB ending.

    Yep, It clicked one day I saw the old "you can transfer your character into Neverwinter" loading screen, and I figued out the charname was supposed to be the teacher in the Neverwintan Hero Academy, and not a student.
  • BardsSuck_BardsSuck_ Member Posts: 133
    edited April 2023
    This looks amazing !

    Can you use my avatar on it too ?
  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,326
    These are pretty good! I noticed that (with the exception of Jaheira), the AI has tended to make male characters look older and female characters look younger. No doubt a side effect of the way male and female models in standard artwork are presented. XD
  • DraikenWeAreDraikenWeAre Member Posts: 124
    @BardsSuck_ as I said I'm not the actual person that made this and I don't think he's taking any requests at the moment since he told me just today that he's finished 4 out of the last 6 he wants to do for BG2 , but he wants to rest.

    He's getting the hang of Stable Diffusion snd does actually post the promts he uses for what he generated.

    Thats his reddit page .
  • DraikenWeAreDraikenWeAre Member Posts: 124
    Ok Guys just Updated the Files, so thats all potential Companions for BG2EE Ai potraits (theres also an additional Hexxat BMP , which both me and he didn't really like , but its there if you prefer it)
  • BardsSuck_BardsSuck_ Member Posts: 133
    edited April 2023
    Lmao why did Rasaad the sand guy turned aryan all of a sudden ? Jesus....

    Neera has beautiful brown eyes and this mod shoots blue eyes on everyone, ridicolous
  • HitoshuraHitoshura Member Posts: 8
    Very impressive.
  • JBeauJBeau Member Posts: 7
    I really like these. It would be nice to have some of the mod NPCs done in this style.
  • DraikenWeAreDraikenWeAre Member Posts: 124
    @JBeau here's the guys twitter and reddit

    You can ask him directly, just tell him you saw his stuff and liked it.

    He said he's still practicing it all , but if he agrees , you could then post what he'd do for you.
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