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Hexxat and Dorn quests with ~good party

Almost done with Ch 2 and just about everything in Athkatla with my Neutral FM, Keldorn, Jaheira, Anomen, and Jan.

I’d like to do Hexxat and Dorns quests before continuing on with the storyline. I know I will need to temporarily ditch Keldorn and Anomen for this. Any long term repercussions for this or things I need to be careful with when I add them back in after I’m done with the side quests?

Also my Rep is currently 20, what’s the max these evil doers allow? If you have the clua console code to change rep handy that would also be much appreciated so I don’t have to go kill a few innocents.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,338
    As long as you're not romancing Anomen, temporarily dismissing him isn't a problem. Letting Keldorn go for a while is just fine, too.

    You'll need a reputation of 18 or less to have either of those two in your party. No long-term repercussions once you're done with them, though Dorn's quest has some unavoidable reputation losses in it that you might want to buy back. When I've picked them up in my high-rep runs, I've always done it before pushing my rep up to paragon levels - some planning might have been wise here.

    Now, the real gymnastics... I did a run with Dorn as the protagonist, and kept Anomen on as a member of the permanent party. Complete with romance, because I cheesed the romance eligibility system with a Patsy as protagonist before switching to Dorn. Dorn is perfectly compatible with CN Anomen, but getting there without setting off the initial conflict is quite a trick.
  • JQuailmanJQuailman Member Posts: 43
    I have a maybe romance with Jaheira. Otherwise thanks for the input 👌
  • gladosglados Member Posts: 30
    hexxat is easy. her quest is just tombs, you can rest between the visits and finish it quickly, then return your prefered party members.
    dorn is a bit trickier. first, he will decrease rep to -1 by just being recruited. then his quest includes commoners become hostile all the time, so make sure you don't kill them. the wedding quest have lots of commoners, if you kill them, you rep can fall drastically. so just be careful. anyway you can do his quest as well as hexxat's, just wait for each part while resting and be done with dorn.
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