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Mage 2 fighter dual class for BG2 SCS insane double damage

Finishing up BG1 ee SCS insane with this build, any thoughts on tactics? Basically a pure fighter with some other capabilities, has been fun to play so far on my first SCS run


  • JQuailmanJQuailman Member Posts: 43
    Try out a multi class Fighter Mage next time!
  • KainenMordenKainenMorden Member Posts: 7
    Oh yeah I've done several runs of those on vanilla core, probably the most powerful class and best solo class though some make arguments for berserker dualed to mage. I just wanted to try something different this time that's focused on dealing physical damage.
  • BardsSuck_BardsSuck_ Member Posts: 78
    edited April 4
    Ive never tried berzerker/mage, supposedly its the best class

    Ive tried fighter/cleric and it felt like cheating honestly....grandmastery on flail ages, buff up, improved haste, and nothing can stop you, its too broken, i try play single class now, i find it more enjoyable.
  • KainenMordenKainenMorden Member Posts: 7
    Yeah that's another very powerful dual or even multi class. I still think this Charname is powerful but again not as powerful as several other combinations
  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 603
    Try a Blade next time.. it's essentially a F/M/T without trap/lock removal.. but using simulacrums with improved bard song HLA, and other goodies will make it very strong.. not to mention Use Any Item and Spike Traps.

    In BG1 it's pretty decent all the way, especially when you play on normal or higher difficulty, where you actually roll damage. Offensive Spin really shines then.. combined with Strength tome, you essentially become the hardest hitting (sans Dorn) char in the party.

    I am wrapping up a BG1+SoD run on Core these days and will continue into BG2. I will be using Longswords (Angurvadal, Roses, Flame, Daystar), Shortswords (Kundane), Scimitars (Scarlet), Bastard swords (Jhor, Purifier, Foebane), mixing and matching to fit what i'm fighting.. trolls, mages, giants, etc..

    Some support role, some fighting role especially with Tenser, protection magics and what have you.

    It's not as strong as a F/M in a straight up fight and the difference increases steadily after lvl 8'ish.. but it gets the job done and keeps it fresh as you adapt your approach as you progress, where as most classes and combos pick their role at lvl 1 and stay there.
    High enchant weapons and best strength items will keep the thac0 low enough to hit consistently.. and especially so with Tenser's transformation...
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