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How to make it work on a 4K Display

I'm trying to get my copy of IWD to work on my new 4k display, and the attached image is what I get. Is there SOME way to get the interface large enough to be VISIBLE, let alone PLAYABLE without resetting my display for 1080p when I load the game?rcrhrbh0cvok.jpg


  • atcDaveatcDave Member Posts: 2,083
    Ordinarily, I’d say I’m the last person to offer technical support! (Hey, I know where the power button is…)
    But funny thing is, I just got a new computer and had to sort through this same stuff.
    From the options button you should see a “graphics” option. (I’m looking at BG right now, but IWD should have something very similar).
    After you select graphics you will see “display options” which has a whole bunch of selectable choices. Select “scale user interface”. I’m pretty sure that will do it!
  • YinepuhotepYinepuhotep Member Posts: 15
    Thanks. Yeah, "Scale user interface" didn't even appear until I unselected "Full screen"
  • atcDaveatcDave Member Posts: 2,083
    I didn’t remember that. But I knew the moment I saw your screenshot I’d had exactly the same thing.
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