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At what reputation level does Edwin leave your party in BG2EE?

I tried looking up the Fandom Wiki and there was no information about when he gets unhappy and leaves.

I played with him in BG1 and he left when I got 20 rep. It was a really painful waste of investing time and resources when I wanted to play a good party.

I read some people online said he leaves at above 13 rep in BG2. But if he's really that finicky, then you basically need to always have a low rep party to use him?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,338
    All evil party members share the same threshold for leaving - 18 is the highest they'll tolerate, 19 or 20 and they're gone. Good party members will leave at 2 reputation or less, and neutral party members will leave at reputation 1.

    There are a few exceptions to this. Imoen won't leave due to reputation at all. Evil companions (with the exception of Dorn) won't leave due to reputation in ToB. But the general pattern holds.

    Evil party members will complain a lot if you're running a reputation of 15 or so. But they won't leave.
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