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Update on Potential for Multiplayer in Console?

dCLCpdCLCp Member Posts: 7
I recently met a girl who I think might be the love of my life. We've been playing Fortnite a lot on my PS4 and her Xbox. She recently brought up that she was interested in playing other games with me. Unfortunately there aren't that many cross platform games out there. If I could get her to play Baldur's Gate with me though I think I would be as happy as I could possibly be though. This game is essentially perfect and I want to share it with her.

We are both hardcore DND nerds, and to me Baldurs Gate is the perfect DND simulator. Frankly if Wizards of the Coast had any brains I feel like they would be dumping money into the franchise and trying to bring newer rulesets and editions into the IE engine or trying to find a way to bring other content into the IE engine... or something. It doesn't have to be IE as long as it looks and *feels* like Baldur's Gate 2 and 1. Sometimes it feels like content creators just let the best franchises die like Firefly or Stargate Universe and it makes me sad inside. Anyway I'm distracting myself.

What I really care about is, has there been any progress on getting Baldurs Gate multiplayer working on console? I found this... unpleasant... thread from it looks like 2019:

It *sounded* like the dev team was still interested in console multiplayer but it was hard. Do we have any updates at all? Was it 3 years hard or was it 10 years hard? I'm not angry or disappointed like those people. If it never happens I might just buy a tablet and we can screencast on our smart TV's or something. I just want to play my favorite game with my favorite girl who happens to live a few hundred miles from me for the moment. Until I move it'd be nice to be able to spend time with her...and only her, playing my favorite game on our current technology without buying more. But if it ain't gonna happen it ain't gonna happen and that's cool too...

I still appreciate every single thing this company has done for me revitalizing and polishing this perfect game. Thank you for your consideration.
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