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watchers keep maze room with tahazzar the dead magic from the dead magic room 'sticks'

pukingdogpukingdog Member Posts: 25
i'm in watchers keep in the room with tahazzar (the first demon), and the dead magic from the precious room sticks on the party members for a short time, making it so that i cant cast any spell at the start of the fight. they just fail. the baddies then start carving through my party like its made out of butter 8-)

I dont remember this being the case in previous playthroughs, tho i now play on hard and used to play on core rules.

this not being able to cast realy f@#$s me up 8-)

tried taking potions in the prev room, but they dont work (as they dont at the start of the fight either)
I'm a bit at a loss here lol

party has about 3.5 mil points and consists of me (thief/mafe) , aerie, imo, nalia, keldorn and anomen.
Anomen is wielding the flail of the ages, me the +3 celestial fury and the +2 katana wich gives some extra spells, keldorn the +5 greatword, imo the +4 firetooth and nalia the bow of ghesen. Aerie has a +4 sling, but is mostly in the party for casting only 8)

ps: i only use the mod rogue rebalancing, but i dont think that changes anything concerning this.

any ideas?
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  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,843
    It's just game mechanics here. The dead magic zone, in the current version of the game, is handled by the area script casting a "DEAD_MAGIC_AREA" spell. That spell blocks spellcasting for 14 seconds, and the area script casts it every 14 seconds. When you leave the area, it'll be anywhere between no time and about two rounds before you'll be able to cast again.
  • pukingdogpukingdog Member Posts: 25
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    ok thanks for the info.
    i managed to get back to the start area, and i'l try do a countdown in the dead magic room 8-)

    lol made it 8-). somehow managed to get in without the debuff by going straight through the dead magic room to the demon room. when he was done talking the debuff was gone 8-). lucky me

    ps: what i noticed in the next dead magic room whas that you can see the debuff reapply in the portaits.
    I counted down to 10 after it reapplied and then went through the portal to the next room, and it was gone to 8-)
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