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1st floor watchers keep

Im playing bg2 on the PS4 and I can't get dialog box to come up for the second part of the ritual.and help would be greatly appreciated.


  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 618
    You mean that once you've placed the book, candle and bell on the altar, nothing happens?
  • chloe1978chloe1978 Member Posts: 2
    Yes I placed the items,killed the statues. Now I'm supposed to ring bell twice light candle open book then ring bell again but the dialogue box for that will not come up.
  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 618
    edited April 16
    Hm.. I'm sorry, but if you're absolutely sure you got all 3 items placed on the altar and the box doesn't show, then I don't know how to fix that on PS4.. on PC it could be an option to force progression via console commands. (assuming console commands is not possible on PS4)

    But first floor doesn't take too long to clear? Maybe you have a save just before going in? Autosave perhaps?

    This kind of thing can happen, it's fairly rare now with the EE's compared to vanilla but the infinity engine is still prone to this kind of bug. It usually takes going back to before you entered the area, in order to fix it.

    Addendum: Making named hardsaves at the start or just before loading into a major quest area such as watchers keep and on every level of it can save you some frustration going forwards.
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