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Which is the GOAT of arcane casters?

GOAT as in most adaptable, fun, and most useful from beginning to end in most situations


  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 7,367
    My something else would be gnome Illusionist/Thief. It's a pretty badass combination that can easily solo the game without as much babysitting/meta-gaming as say, a sorcerer. When you get to epic levels, traps, UAI and eventually epic level spells make it a force to be reckoned with. Imagine being able to use the special abilities of every weapon, wear any armor, use any shield, wear any helmet, use any wand, set traps, cast cleric spells and necromancy spells from scrolls, use any potion and be able to cast arcane spells, set traps, pick pockets, disarm traps, open locks, hide without having to cast invisibility, backstab for x5 damage and enjoy shorty saves! The only caveat is you can already bring Jan along to enjoy a character like that so it's not a needed Charname to round out a party.
  • BardsSuck_BardsSuck_ Member Posts: 133
    Base sorcerer no doubt, beyond broken....
  • gregorsamsagregorsamsa Member Posts: 24
    Totally forgot to include WIld Mage! But I guess it would be under "Specialist Mage" for the sake of convenience
  • VanDerBergVanDerBerg Member Posts: 218
    I never played a wild mage or had Neera in the party, but I think theoretically an end-game Wild Mage is by far the most powerful. Having 6 NRD's that you can successively cast in the same round, with casting time 0, sounds ridiculous to me (even if the chance of actually firing off the spell you want is at best something like 60% I think).
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