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BG2:EE romancing Viconia and THEN Jaheira idea?

Hello, I'm sure you get this kind of requests countless times on this forum. I have just started a playthrough of BG2:EE for the first time. Because I have a bit of OCD I spent countless hours reading on the interwebz about romancing options, walkthrough, etc. There is one thing I'd like to attempt, but I want to ask you first if that makes sense.

TL;DR: the idea is have Jaheira leave the party as soon as exiting Irenicus'dungeon, then hiring Viconia, doing her full romance, then kicking her from party, taking back Jaheira, and doing the full Jaheira romance (I know Viconia's previous romance would be broken then but I don't care).

The reality is that I won't have all my life to play the game in every possible way. I am fine using the console to "speed up" things a bit, I'm playing in easy mode and I can probably switch to story mode as needed. Sorry, I know some of you might get triggered but I just want to experience as much of the content in a single playthrough. I missed BG2 back in the time and now I just want to quickly catch up before starting BG3.

That said, I am playing (with straight male human Charname) a good party which is as much canon as possible, and I was looking at romance options. Aerie is a fixed member of the party, but as a romancing option she's out of question, Minsc can have her for what I care. This leaves me as "canon" options Jaheira and Viconia. TBH I like Viconia's story more and I find Jaheira mildly unsufferable, but 1) Viconia's ending in TOB is too much nope for me, and 2) I acknowledge that Jaheira's romance is much longer and detailed. Also, I'm planning of having Keldorn in the party (quoting some random user: "someone's gotta swing that Carsomyr") so the easy way would be to just forget about Viconia and go with Jaheira.

Which is fine, but I was wondering if I could try something more.

My idea would be:

1) Exit Irenicus'dungeon, do all Waukeen's promenade (including hiring Aerie) but then kicking Jaheira from the party BEFORE exiting the Promenade and starting Chapter 2. I tried it, and this will not trigger the nasty "I THOUGHT WE WERE GOOD FRIENDS" dialogue, Jaheira will simply say she'll wait for you at the Docks.

2) Hire Viconia and start doing all side/PC quests *except* Keldorn's. While so doing, romance Viconia up to the end.

3) Then, dump Viconia (sorry), get back Jaheira (and Keldorn) in the party and continue with the game by romancing Jaheira.

If I understood correctly from what I've read around, this will cause Jaheira's romance variable to be set to 2, but Viconia's to be set to 3 at the end. That's fine, I don't care.

Two questions:

1) Do you think that might work?

2) Why I can see Aerie's Romance variable (C:GetGlobal("AerieRomanceActive","GLOBAL") ) but not Jaheira's? If I try to read Jaheira's variable I get an error like "variable does not exist".

Thanks in advance for any useful reply! ^^


  • The_Baffled_KingThe_Baffled_King Member Posts: 114
    zarautz wrote: »
    1) Do you think that might work?
    It sounds like it does. I wouldn't take that as gospel, though, as interlocking romances are a bit complicated. If you read the answer to your second question, by the way, you'll see that you can't win Jaheira's heart without first taking her to the Slums. Classy lady.
    zarautz wrote: »
    2) Why I can see Aerie's Romance variable (C:GetGlobal("AerieRomanceActive","GLOBAL") ) but not Jaheira's? If I try to read Jaheira's variable I get an error like "variable does not exist".
    "Variable does not exist" means that the variable has not been set. "JaheiraRomanceActive" will not be set to 1 until the following conditions are satisfied simultaneously: (a) eligible for romance; (b) agreed to Gaelan Bayle's offer OR able to immediately tell him you have the relevant sum; (c) in the Slums; and (d) Jaheira in party.
    zarautz wrote: »
    Sorry, I know some of you might get triggered
  • zarautzzarautz Member Posts: 4
  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 574
    This is very interesting - without knowing the background coding I always assumed once you had Jaheira in the party you had to keep her all the way through if you wanted to maintain her romance in SoA.

    On my next SoA run I think I will romance Neera, Aerie and Viconia before settling with Jaheira...not very ethical but I want to see how all the female romances play out.
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