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Bug? Orrick shop not updating correctly

RidcullyRidcully Member Posts: 162
Current play through and in Ch6 ( just put all the badges in place). However Orrick's shop hasn't added the new items. All I have (in addition to the first Ch1 stock) is Lance of disruption, Oracle and phantom Blade. I'm sure I've had this problem before. Is there a bug whereby if you don't go to Orrick after the Ch2 update but before the Ch 4 one it goes wrong?

Just looked back in saved games and even during Ch3 it's not right. After Laurel (end of Ch3) Orrick's stock is only showing Lance of disruption in addition to the Ch1 stock


  • ThoriumThorium Member Posts: 36
    Yeah, that bug occurs irregularly for me too. The problem is particularly the beginning of Chapter 2 (Dragon's eye) - sometimes only few new spells are added to store. Reloading the game before entering Dragon's eye helps, but this will not help you right now. Sometimes it can take many reloads, but eventually the items will appear as they should.

    Since you are already in the later stages of the game, you could check some online item list and use CLUAConsole CreateItem cheats to create some of the missing items.
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