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In candlekeep bug

If you cast sleep on the guy who teaches you how to fight (outside the place where you kill the rats) you can kill him and his archer companion. It somehow disrupts the immortality of the characters lol!


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,338
    The trick here? Jondalar's not immortal in the first place.

    (All data is based on the EE; this definitely wasn't the same in original BG1)
    Jondalar starts out with 75 HP. His AC is 15 and he's wielding a fake staff that does no damage. Very easy to hit, and no protection except the high HP total. No resistances, no immortality items.
    Talking with Jondalar grants him and Erik immortality items, so that you can no longer kill him. Attacking Jondalar causes him to talk to you, if he can.

    So, then, if you either deal all 75 HP in one go somehow, land an instant-kill effect like Cloudkill, or incapacitate him so he can't talk and then beat him down, you can kill Jondalar.
  • justreportingabugjustreportingabug Member Posts: 2
    Yeah I guess I stopped the dialogue and just wittled him down to zero. Then I just standard attacked the other guy. I just put it in my head when I play an evil character I do that ;) I just found it halarous cause I used character scripts and did it by accident.
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