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Playstation 4 Game breaking bug.

I just got the bronze sphere in the Drowned Nations and now I can't interact with any of the exits. Can't even see the green spot triggers to exit the map. When I encounter monsters to fight I can't move or hit them either. Why hasn't Beamdog fixed the bugs in this game on Playstation 4 ??? I'm sure there isn't many players on console but that's no excuse to release and sale a bugged game they can't even be completed. I own all of the beamdog remasters on PC and console and Android. I am very disappointed. You want me to purchase Mythforce when you can't even flx the bugs on your past titles ? How do I open the console on PS4 so I can enter commands to continue my playthrough ??? This is very unbeliveable and I am very saddened ! ! ! ! !


  • soulfly420soulfly420 Member Posts: 2
    I restarted the game and fixed my problems. LOL. Sigh
  • byrne20byrne20 Member Posts: 503
    Unfortunately the console versions are a bit buggy at times and they didnt get much support after release. Its a shame but it is what it is.
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