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What about an IWDEE Portrait Pack DLC?

I bought the ones for BGEE and NWNEE that Beamdog sold and thought they were great, especially the BGEE ones which I use all the time for my BGEE runs.

If those two packs sold well, perhaps Beamdog could arrange one for IWDEE too?


  • inethineth Member Posts: 703
    I think Beamdog has moved on from the InfinityEngine games, and won't be releasing anything new from them.
    (The BG and NWN portrait packs were done as part of the release hype for those Enhanced Editions, not years later.)

    Anyway, check out my collection of IWD:EE portaits based on online art.
  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 617
    edited May 5
    Well it's a thought @ineth :). Thanks for the response and info anyway ;)
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