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Consistent & Progressive Imoen Portrait Set

JairusJairus Member Posts: 8
edited May 2023 in Fan Creations
Although Imoen's BG1 portrait is nice enough, I prefer her BG2 portrait overall, as well as consistency across the games. There are mods to let you use the same portrait in both games for Misnc, Jaheira, and the other returning characters, but Imoen's is a little different imo.

The scar and the seriousness of her expression on her BG2 portrait are appropriate for that game as they reflect what happens to her, but in BG1 she's still mostly carefree and hasn't yet endured the horrors that lay ahead of her. I wanted to make her BG2 portrait reflect not only that but also how she's beginning to heal in ToB, especially in light of certain mods that greatly expand her character and story.

So I've made two modified versions of Imoen's BG2 portrait, as shown below:


Baldur's Gate
In the first portrait, Imoen has a small smile and no scar, highlighting the sweet innocence and cheerfulness that she still has at the beginning of her long journey.

Shadows of Amn
The second is Imoen's standard BG2 portrait. Scarred and serious, it accurately reflects the trauma she's going through and the deep emotional pain she's enduring.

Throne of Bhaal
The third portrait concludes her story. Although still scarred, Imoen has her smile again, showing that she's begun to heal from her terrible experiences and move on.

This portrait set is meant to show and reflect Imoen's journey throughout the saga and give her a consistent overall look across both games at the same time. I hope you guys like them! I don't know anything about Weidu, but if anyone wants to turn them into a mod, they're more than welcome to do so. Just be sure to credit me. The image files are attached here for download. Thanks!

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