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[BUG] My wild mage is BROKEN :-(

lapinottlapinott Member Posts: 1
So I started Heart of Winter, and went rescue the shaman on that island and did the dungeon.

Inside the dungeon the bug happened : my wild mage has a Wild Surge on EVERY CAST (100% of the time) when the normal chance is 5%. What the hell happened here ? I can't do nothing about it and now my buddy is made useless.

Sadly this is game breakin, this is my main toon and I'm not continuing the game with this bug.

I tried all I could thing of : change area, rest, strip naked; the bug persists.

How can I fix this ?

Maybe this is too much asking but I paid for the game : can you people at Beamdog make a fix and make available on Steam ?

EDIT : I also tried : cast Chaos Shield and Improved Chaos Shield, wait for them to wear off. The bug persists.

EDIT 2 : It is "as if" the game thinks I cast every spell with 'Nahal's Reckless Dweomer' instead of the normal way (when I indeed cast the normal way.......).


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,868
    The core mechanic of the Wild Mage - that 5% chance of a surge on every spell - is hardcoded. If you're getting 100% chances, that sounds like an effect on the character. Basically, there's one effect type (opcode 280) that can force surges, either for a single spell or for all spells over its duration. When a game has wild magic zones, those are done through the area script applying spells that use that effect.

    Any mods in effect? A save so people can examine it to look for the issue?
  • inethineth Member Posts: 714
    edited May 2023
    lapinott wrote: »
    I tried all I could thing of : change area, rest, strip naked; the bug persists.

    I've never encountered your particular issue, but here are two more things I would try in order to get rid of a potential unwanted effect on the character:
    • Enable cheat keys, and then press CTRL+R while the mouse cursor is over the character or their portrait.
    • Kill the character, and cast Resurrection on them.
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