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Are there any good and/or neutral characters you think deserve to be murdered in BG1/2?

Regardless of your player-character's alignment, who do you think deserve a sword through their gullet or a fireball up the rear entry?
Besides, of course, the obvious Lady Delcia Caan ;)


  • The_Baffled_KingThe_Baffled_King Member Posts: 114
    Speaking as a gamer, rather than a role-player or part-time D&D moralist, Kirian and her Waterdhavian adventuring group in Mutamin's Garden usually have it coming (I think two of her crew are Evil, but Kirian and the other remaining one are Neutral):
    1. She's deliberately obnoxious and provocative;
    2. She has the Golden Girdle of Urnst (as well as some other decent loot carried by her group);
    3. The fights against groups with a mix of classes and roles tend to be the most fun for me.
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