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any way to remove the Stoneskin color?

Im not sure if this has already been posted but is Stoneskin not the best defence spell for a mage? its awfully unappealing having a party of grey characters that all look the same walking around wish you could see some color to the party very dull looking at grey for 100 hours of gameplay but its not like a fighter mage or any mage can afford to not have it up or is there another spell that can replace it. ? thank you in advance if there is any other options or if I'm stuck with a party of grey statues walking around a vibrant fantasy world for a play through or reroll something that isn't an arcane or druid caster?


  • MyceniusMycenius Member Posts: 28
    There are mods that do that - The Tweaks Anthology IIRC can remove this along with the glowing armour & shields and such (like the blur spell effect - annoying if you are wearing the cloak permanently). I've got it installed.

    If it's not that one it might be part of the SoD-to-BG2EE Item Upgrade mod. But pretty sure it's the Tweaks Anthology.
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