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How much do certain Items actually add tonthe Wild Surge Table?

In BG2 there are certain Items that add to the surge Table from "The Brick" to "Tunic of Blind Eye" then there are Wild Magic Zones.

What I've been thinking is that , mechanically Wild Surges work by adding to the wild surge table , so if you have more of these wild magic items they should in effect work similar to chaos shield adding to the wild table making you edge closer to 100.

So is there a way or a mod that tells you how much all these add to the wild surge table when in use.


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,685
    You are posting in the Italian language part of the forums, I suggest you to move the thread in the main English language part where is more likely that someone can answer to your question or maybe ask to a moderator to do it if you can not do it by yourself.
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