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Mod that adjusts XP to alignment

Hello, this is my first post here.
I like to roleplay a character (as I suppose most of you do) taking into consideration the personality I had I mind when I created him/her but also the alignment. So, I see that regardless of the alignment, XP for quests is the same (either you perform a bad or a good deed, it doesn't matter what is Your alignment). I was wondering if there is any mod that makes the XP you get for completion of a quest more reactive by adjusting the XP you get according to your alignment (ex: you accept a quest that must be resolved with actions against your alignment so you should receive a XP penalty)?


  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 603
    xp penalty for resolving quests against your alignment is something i've never heard of in D&D before, so i really really doubt anyone would think to make a mod like that.

    The modder would have to go through every single quest in the game and somehow give each possible ending a tag that says good, evil or neutral, and then there'd have to be an alignment check on the player character (and all party members since some quest give individual xp) before selecting which reward to give.. it seems like massive work.

    Many quests already differentiate on rewards based on your actions, sometimes on a good/evil type of axis.. but i don't think you'll find what you're asking for.
  • jp78jp78 Member Posts: 2
    Of course, in a tabletop game, depending on the DM, you wouldn't be allowed to perform some actions, according to your alignment. Something like That could have been implemented in BG.
  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 603
    Could, but they didn't. And going back through each and every quest to add it when that alignment check and mechanics do not exist at all.. well.. you're talking about a lot of work
  • atcDaveatcDave Member Posts: 2,008
    I was under the impression some dialogue options present differently based on alignment? Maybe only in IWD? If not, they should!
    An XP penalty doesn’t quite make sense to me, you’re still learning and growing even if it proves to be an unfavorable situation.
    It seems to me, in PnP there was a suggestion for DMs to keep some sort of alignment tracker. Honestly, as a DM I never cared except for Clerics and Holy Warriors (Paladins). The alignment of a fighter, or really anyone else, never mattered one iota to me (well, with certain constraints).
    Long way of getting to… I could maybe see some situations in game where actions may cause a change in alignment. And there are! But admittedly not very many.
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