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Bodhi Neera Romance Bug.

DraikenWeAreDraikenWeAre Member Posts: 79
I originally thought there was an issue with ny mode installation but I've seen other people experience this Bug searching in google but with no actually highlighted solution, so I don't know.

In the Chapter 6 Confrontation with Bodhi, Bodhi Attempts to Kidnap Neera since I'm romancing her , she fails due to a wildsurge and is supposed to runaway I think just leaving me to fight some vampires.

The issue is she's not running away or really reacting to anything she just stays there immobile not doing anything , even if you damage her , she wont react , just get low hp but won't die , additionally you can't talk to her.

So what exactly do I do to fix this , is this due to a mod of mine or is this an issue people know of normally and how is it fixed?
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