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FOXWOOD: The Defence (Vanilla EE module)

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Hi folks. Just creating a place to let you know about and take feedback on my module FOXWOOD. I'm currently hosting it for any to drop by when at a loose end. Use the ingame browser to find Docking bay 94 server running the FOXWOOD module.

FOXWOOD, a small riverside settlement, has found itself beset by many enemies. A small militia was formed, and a call put out for Adventurers, promising a quick path to fortune and glory.
Many have answered the call, and more do every day, but the enemies of FOXWOOD are numerous, and most of those adventurers, sadly, fall in battle.

Will you answer the call for aid, and quest against the enemies of FOXWOOD?


It's a vanilla EE module, envisioned as a fast leveling Hack 'n' Slash fest that a group can play through in a single session. There is a win condition for you to try reach in the fastest time and at the lowest chr level, or you can play survival against the ever increasing AI spawns and see how many days you can last!

CUSTOM AI: The AI is constantly active, and a custom spawn system is used. There are no encounter creatures.
DYNAMIC TRAPS: The AI drops dynamic traps around the areas, which can be disarmed and sold.
DYNAMIC TREASURE: The AI will drop chests at certain locations to hoard their treasure.
TERRITORY CONTROL: A flag system is implemented allowing PC and AI to take control of strategic points. Each has a strategic value affecting the AI spawn rate to a greater or lesser degree.
DM PRESSENCE: This is not being run as a persistent world, but there is very often DM pressence.
ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT: I'm currently actively developing this module, often in response to ideas or behavior of the players.

Thanks to all who have taken part so far, and hope to see some new faces in the future.


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  • McLaineMcLaine Member Posts: 6
  • McLaineMcLaine Member Posts: 6
    So, I discovered I'd set DM reserve incorrectly, effectively limiting the server to 2 player slots.

    This has now been corrected. :)

  • McLaineMcLaine Member Posts: 6
    Thanks to those who have played so far. It's been a big help finding the little obscure issues (and the big ones). Module is running sweet now, and I'm beginning to add further areas.

    Still, there's enough to get your teeth into, with 5 seperate tribes attacking Foxwood. Build up your experience and take on the toughest tribe to get the Unique Loot.

    If you're at a loose end or just fancy some hack n slash, It'd be great to see you.

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