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Does killing Adalon make doing Ust Natha/drow quests impossible?

I'm playing as evil and really want to do get the human flesh armor, but I don't want to skip out on the entire drow questline.
If I kill her - does this mean I don't get the drow disguise and can't do all the drow stuff?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,850
    You can only be in Ust Natha without the city being hostile if you're disguised. Only Adalon can disguise you. If you are disguised, attacking Adalon removes the illusion.

    What you can do? You can attack Adalon after you're done with Ust Natha. All you have to do is not return her eggs, either because you've traded them to the demon or because you just don't want to. (For the latter, drop the eggs somewhere before interacting with the dragon.)
  • wildernesswoodelfwildernesswoodelf Member Posts: 28
    Ok cool, thanks.
  • gladosglados Member Posts: 30
    usually if i want to kill adalon, i finish everything in the draw city, then go to her lair and attack her right away. she will not start the dialog so you can prepare and just start the battle.
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