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Axis & Allies 1942

ZephaneasZephaneas Member Posts: 1
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I am a long time A&A player going back to the original board game. I've played alll the PC versions, and I just started on the Axis & Allies 1942 version.

So far I like it, but I have two issues:

1. Battle board - why can't I see the battle board when an enemey attacks me? When an enemy attack mes my pieces just dissappear from the board. I want to be able to decide what pieces I lose and in what order. It should work just like when I attack an enemeny. Every other version, board gamd and PC, has this. This almost seems like a bug or a serious ommision.

In multiplayer I DO see the battle board, but I again, don't get to decide what I lose. This is implemented wrong. As a defender I should have the choice as to what I lose in a battle.

2. Submarines. Loading and unloading subs is seriously a mess. It should be way easier than it it.

Other than that, great work!
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