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Baldur's Gate I & II throwing out during the session

AsimilerAsimiler Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone!
A friend and I have been going through the saga for over a year now. Unfortunately we have been plagued by the same problem since the beginning, getting kicked out of sessions. He hosts so that his character is PC, I usually join without a problem. After an unspecified amount of time, it could be 5 minutes or even 1 hour, the game throws me out. Funnily enough I can see everything moving and he says the characters I control are standing still. We are currently playing on a heavily modified version of BG2, but we installed the mods together, so all the components are the same. Discarding occurs just as frequently as in the pure version.
We used Hamachi for a while and that made the problem stop. Unfortunately for some reason Hamachi refused to cooperate and we were back to square one.
Has anyone had similar problems and managed to solve it somehow? It would be nice if Beamdog finally fixed the multiplayer, because they promise to take care of that practically forever :(
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