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Does Baeloth leave the Party when i reach 20 Reputation?

Wutan1988Wutan1988 Member Posts: 131
I couldn't find a definitive answer for this Question but i read from different accounts that Baeloth doesn't leave in BG EE even when you reach 20 Rep?

Is this true? i play a good party atm with a good Protagonist but i would like to switch out Dynaheir for Baeloth cause he is just so much better and since i play a Fighter/Mage Protagonist Stoneskin Scrolls are also kinda scarce.

Does anyone know for certain?

I play No Reload and honestly Reputation Controll or stupid mistakes by my End kinda screw me over, not necessarily difficult Encounters.

I usually don't tend to mix Evil and Good Companions either but in this case i might make an exception if these statements of him staying are true.



  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,603
    Baeloth in the main BGEE campaign has an "Ignore reputation breaking point" effect on him. He doesn't have any sort of leaving dialogue tied to unhappiness. So yeah, I'm pretty confident he'll stick around ... though I haven't actually tested it.

    This does not apply to him in SoD. He absolutely will leave you and return to the camp if your reputation gets too high in that campaign.
  • Wutan1988Wutan1988 Member Posts: 131
    edited July 29
    This is awesome!!!

    Thank you very very much for this info and that you also looked into the code :)

    In SoD i will use Dynaheir cause Stoneskin is more open but for The Main Campaign i want to use Walahnan (excellent Mage btw) and Baeloth for Greater Mallison and Chaos Combo which Dynaheir sadly can't use.

    Anyway Thank you a lot!
  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 604
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    What's the reasoning for Baeloth to not break in BGEE? Is it because he feels he needs your protection in a similar way to Imoen needing your company/friendship? I wonder...
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