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Game starts...but not everytime...

I've got the game running and, so far, I haven't seen any issues. The only problem is the game doesn't start up everytime. I usually have to have to click the exe several times before it finally starts. Does anyone else experience this? Not a big deal compared to alot of the other problems going on. Just curious.


  • kverdonkverdon Member Posts: 27
    YES! I finally got it running but sometimes I have to launch it 4 or 5 times to get it to start.

  • ElzarathElzarath Member Posts: 173
    Same! I get a white screen after clicking play on the launcher or going direct to exe file. I have to then alt-tab back to desktop, right click, and close window. Rinse & repeat til game works.

    I'm running it on my laptop, windows 7, AMD Radeon HD 7690M card. My old disc copy of BGII works fine, but not this.. Any suggestions? (yes, updated all drivers, tried running as admin, compatibility mode, etc). Any help appreciated!

  • sgwongsgwong Member Posts: 4
    I'm using Intel HD4000 graphic card, having the same issue that the game running fine, just have to launch multiple time to get it 'running'.
    There is another thread stated a solution for Intel HD4000 but not sure apply to others or not. For the Baldur.exe file, I don't turn on any compatibility mode, what I do is just turn on the check box for 'Disable desktop composition'. Now, I always able to lauch it successfully without require extra retry.

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