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Are there any major advantages to using DDS over TGA?

It seems that the toolset can deal with just TGA retextures, but does DDS play any important role?

Reason I'm asking, can't find any solution to open the DDS files. Tried using GIMP a standard DDS plugin and it's not liking it.

Maybe someone else has more experience with this. Until then, TGA seems to be working ok, minus some minor differences.


  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 1,421
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    Your problem with opening NwN DDS is due to it being an early version of the standard. You can convert them to tga by using -

    NWN Crunch - Enhanced Edition

    The advantage to using DDS over TGA is one of file size - DDS are significantly smaller. The disadvantage is that DDS is a lossy format, potentially losing some of the finer detail that TGA preserves.

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  • nwfan87nwfan87 Member Posts: 74

    Thank you for that! NWN Crunch is a live saver. Managed to finally get round working with DDS and TGA. Great tool :smiley:
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