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No holy symbol for Viconia at lvl 25?

Busy working myself through the lower levels of Watcher's Keep. Since you get a bunch of quest XP, characters level up quite fast. Viconia hit lvl 25 and 26 a short time after each other. When I go look for her Holy Symbol though, it's no-where to be found.

I've tried reloading an earlier save, get her up to level 25 and that works out fine but I'd rather not go through some annoying fights once more. So the question is, if I just cheat in the item, does that mess up any scripts or am I in the safe?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,846
    It shouldn't cause any problems.

    The way things work: the ability tables for clerics create the holy symbols when you hit level 25. That's a generic token for non-kit clerics, and a specific symbol for that religion if the cleric has a kit. Then, scripts get involved; the baldur/baldur25 global scripts for player-created characters, or the individual NPC scripts for cleric NPCs. Those turn the generic tokens into specific symbols appropriate to alignment or chosen god.

    In the case of Viconia, her "Holy Symbol of Shar" has code beltsh; that's the item you want to create.
  • egonegon Member Posts: 94
    Thank you for the quick reply. You wouldn't happen to know what the global script is called that gives Viconia her symbol? I'd like to check to see if it even triggered.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,846
    Viconia gets the generic holy symbol token from CLABPR01.2DA (the ability table for vanilla clerics), and that token is replaced by the Shar symbol in VICONIA.BCS or VICO25.BCS, depending on whether you've progressed into ToB.
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