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Save Games do not exist, help

Hi everyone, I am running on Windows XP 32-bit and after a lot of effort and many many hardships I managed to make the game actually run and also got past the graphics issues after a lot of tampering with the NVidia Control panel (mostly thanks to this forum).
So, the problem. The game starts with any character BUT:

1) Everything I do inside an indoor area has not taken place the next time I'm there e.g. items reappear, NPCs behave like the first time every time, quests such as Firebead's given again, I killed Shank and Carbos like five times each... That happens in every indoor area, outdoors it does not (duh?).

2) Most importantly, there are no saved games. I mean whenever I save, I get the green dialogue box message "save succesful" or "quick save succesful" but the savegame never appears neither on the save nor on the load savegame screen. It does not appear in the Documents Baldur's Gate file either or anywhere else. Obviously you can't play the game without ever saving..

I am literally begging for a solution or two here, if anyone has an idea I'd be really grateful.


  • ZeckulZeckul Member Posts: 1,034
    1) Do you have a folder called "Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition" in your Documents folder?
    2) Did you install through the Beamdog Client or the standalone installer?
    3.1) If you've installed through Beamdog, please open the Beamdog Client, go to Settings -> Configure and report what the folders listed there are.
    3.2) If you've installed through the standalone installer, try uninstalling and then installing through the Beamdog client. If that doesn't fix your issue, go to 3.1.

  • BillidanBillidan Member Posts: 1
    1) I do have the folder in the Documents folder. It contains baldur.ini and the temp folder which contains two "default" files.
    2) I've installed through the standalone installer.
    OK i'll try more stuff I suppose, thank you

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