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Mordenkainen's Force Missiles

BlacandrinBlacandrin Member Posts: 2
Been trying to add the effect from Mordenkainen's Force Missiles from Icewindale ee to some of spells I created (the projectile/missile effect), and I have been successful in adding it to BG1EE with SoD expansion, but I can't successfully add it to the BG2EE. It works, effect is there, but the spell (damage part) takes effect before the projectile reaches the target... And then aswell when the spell reaches the target. I am using basic Mordenkainen's Force Missiles spell for this for now... Any ideas where the problem might be?


  • BlacandrinBlacandrin Member Posts: 2
    Edit: There seems to be this area glitter effect in BG1EE to this particular projectile effect, which seems to be attached to the effect of the spell (damage dealt and bam effect), that seems to be lacking in bg2ee... But can't find resource for it.
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