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NWN:EE SetCasterLevel(int nCasterLevel)

MrZorkMrZork Member Posts: 8
edited December 2023 in Feature Requests
I am requesting that Beamdog expose a scripting function that almost certainly already exists internally. There must already be some mechanism whereby the caster level of a spell is set, even when it is not a class level for OBJECT_SELF. The game already does this for spells cast from items, spells cast via cheatcasting using ActionCastSpellAtObject(), etc.

My request is for a SetCasterLevel(int nCasterLevel) functionality to be available to scripting during the spell's impact script, so that any subsequent calls to GetCasterLevel() during the impact script return that new value, any calls to GetEffectCasterLevel() for effects applied (or AoE's created) during the impact script return that value, dispel and SR checks use that level, etc.

As I say, the functionality already exists, since it works for spells cast from items and so on. This would be very useful in dealing with PM levels, schemes to add 1/2 ranger levels to druid spellcasting, etc. Right now, experimenting with such things is kind of a nightmare because one has to deal with SR and dispelling.
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