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Spoilers Stuck on Sharegraves quest to find out where Pharod is getting the bodies

Playing again , this is the enhanced version on gog. I’ve gone through all of the answers from Pharod and went and got the bronze sphere and there is still no option to ask where Pharod is getting so many corpses . The quest is active for share grave and this will annoy me to no end having that active quest . I don’t mind using console commands , played this game at least a dozen times but yeah . I know as soon as I leave the shadows will come and kill Pharod . Is there some other way to solve this quest or a way to trigger the option to ask the question to Pharod?

Either that or is there a way to remove the quest from my quest list?? I guess I could kill sharegrave but that may count towards the lady of pains kill count and I’d rather not get mazed,


  • Inigo_MontoyaInigo_Montoya Member Posts: 3
    Apparently I already got this information from quint and was able to give it to sharegrave and solve the quest . That’s great
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