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weapon proficinecies

Hello everyone.

I am thinking about starting a HoF game with a new party.
I am considering about adding a Berserker/cleric and couldn't decide if to go dual or multi (as a dwarf).

I wanted to ask if you know of any disadvantages related to weapon proficiencies. I am not talking about the obvious weapon restrictions, but about the proficiencies points you'll get. a pure berserker can have 5 points in a weapon proficiency. So my question is about a multi-class: do they get less proficiency points? or can they eventually have 5 points as well?

Thank you


  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 7,359
    Multi-class characters max out at two pips. A dual-class Berserker to Cleric can get grandmastery, but will lose out on extra half attack unless you dual at 13. They also won't get the benefit of gaining high level bonus feats from both classes. I'd say if you want your character to be more of a Fighter type then go multi, if you want to be more of a Cleric, go dual class.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,803
    Dual-class characters also just get more total proficiency points than multi-class characters; a dual-class gets all the points for the levels in both of their classes, while a multi-class only gets the points for whichever class gets more. So a Fighter 9/Cleric 9 (1 million XP) has 7 total proficiency points from being a level 9 fighter, while a Fighter 7 -> Cleric 10 (1 million XP) has 6+4=10 total proficiency points from their two classes.
    Granted, dual-class characters only get the full benefit of all of those points if they choose them to avoid overlap during the downtime period before the first class gets its abilities restored, but the numbers are there.
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